New Orleans Walking Tours

French Quarter

See the unique architecture and the lush, inviting courtyards as you stroll through the narrow streets, soaking up the charm and ambiance of America's most interesting city.

New orleans Walking tours

New orleans Walking tours

Garden District

On the Garden District tour, you will stroll the streets of this famous neighborhood and view the stately mansions and lush gardens; see the homes of Archie Manning, John Goodman, and the house where Confederate President Jefferson Davis died.

New orleans Walking tours

New orleans Walking tours

Ghost Tours

Since its founding, New Orleans has suffered more disease, disasters, destruction and death than any other American city. Spirits are taken for granted here!

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New orleans Walking tours

St Louis Cemetery #1

New Orleans is known for its unique cemeteries and burial customs.

Our oldest cemetery is St. Louis #1, opened in 1789. In a relatively small space, thousands of entombments have taken place over the centuries.

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New orleans Walking tours


The Phenomenal Neighborhood Behind the Hit HBO Tremé Series.

You can see Tremé from your car or a bus, but you can ONLY experience it and feel it on a walking tour with US! Tremé (Pronounced Tre-MAY) is one of the oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods in the United States.

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New orleans Walking tours

Voodoo, Ghost, Vampire & Witchcraft Tour

Follow us if you dare...

To experience the feeling of being in a city haunted with spirits, voodoo, vampires & witchcraft!

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New orleans Walking tours

3-in-1 French Quarter, Cemetery & Voodoo Walking Tour

On the way to St. Louis Cemetery #1

your licensed tour guide will share French Quarter history and knowledge on architecture. You will learn about some local legends and fare including where the first Oysters Rockefeller recipe originated! Crossing over Bourbon St. it will be easy to see why this part of the French Quarter is known for it’s wild & crazy night-life. Near here, you will see the building used to depict the LaLaurie Mansion in the American Horror Story Coven, Season 3.
You will also pass by the home of the late Al Hirt, a famous jazz musician.

Arriving at the Cemetery

you will be mesmerized by the beautiful tombs, built above the ground. You will discover the three types of burials in our cemetery and learn how the oven vaults work. **You will also see Marie Laveau’s tomb, the Queen of Voodoo, and learn her history. During the graveyard walk you will see other tombs of other Voodoo priests & priestesses, as well as the tomb of Nicholas Cage! Learn of the gentleman buried in the cemetery, who came to the city of New Orleans, as the youngest & richest man of in his time and how his fortune, along with his entire estate were lost. Also present are the Society Tombs which are large and magnificent. Don’t forget the Protestant section! Protestants in a Catholic cemetery? Many other tombs will be discussed such as the Musician’s Tomb.

Basin St. Station, which used to be an old train station

is our next stop. Here you will have a break and purchase refreshing non-alcoholic beverages and use the restroom. You many also watch a short video of the city of New Orleans history and visit the gift shop, time permitting.

Next stop is Armstrong Park (formerly known as Congo Square.

Here, you will see the place where many would come on Sundays for Voodoo rituals!

Visit the building where one of the oldest & greatest recording studio owners, Cosimo Matassa, cut
albums for Fats Domino & a host of other legends!

Turn the corner & you are back in the French Quarter! Along the way, one of Tennessee Williams’ homes
will be seen.

You will learn more of the Voodoo religion as you pass the Voodoo Museum & an authentic Voodoo
shop! No time to shop now, but you may return to any of the locations that interest you for addidtional
information or shopping. Just ask your guide for directions at the end of the tour.

At the end of your tour you will be thrilled with the history of the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral,

museums on either sides & the oldest apartment buildings in the U.S., all flanking Jackson Square!
Please don’t forget to tip your guide! Gratuities are greatly appreciated!
Wear comfortable walking shoes & drink plenty of water. Dehydration can ruin your tour!
Additional purchases & drinks are not included in pricing.

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This tour Departs from 400 Royal St. (the steps of the Supreme Court building) at 11AM daily and 1:30 PM Monday-Saturday.

All ages are welcome on this tour! It last around 2 hours and you will have one break mid-way through the tour for refreshments and the restroom. Children 5 & under are free! Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in with your receipt. The tour departs on time & no one may join after the start of the tour. Wear comfortable walking shoes & drink plenty of water. Dehydration can ruin your tour! Additional purchases & drinks are not included in pricing. Please don’t forget to tip your guide! Gratuities are greatly appreciated! All sales are final! No refunds will be issued. All tours affected by inclement weather will be rescheduled. We are closed on We are closed on Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 17 & December 24th and 25th.

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