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There is a lot to see, do, and hear in New Orleans; it would be difficult to do everything in a single vacation. That being said, I have spent over a decade booking New Orleans tours, and I can create the customized tour package that allows you to take in as much of the city as possible.

The City Tour

This is my number one recommended tour which takes you all over the city in a luxury mini-coach that picks you up from your hotel. The tour takes you through the French Quarter where the guide will tell you all about the rich history and unique architecture. The tour will take you through the Garden District, the St. Louis Cemetery, and New Orleans City Park (which is larger than NYC's Central Park).

Swamp Tours

Have you seen movies or tv shows where actors speed through Louisiana swamps on air-boats? Well, now is your chance to join in on the fun! I can book high-speed air-boat tours that take you through 20,000 acres of cypress swamp. You will have a chance to see diverse wildlife, including alligators, snakes, turtles, herons, hawks, and bald eagles. Did I mention each person can bring a 6-pack of beer?

Walking Tours

This is where you really get to know the great city of New Orleans and all of the legends, mysteries, evil spirits, and gorgeous vistas that go with it! I specialize in booking New Orleans tours that get you in touch with a city that has survived numerous hardships, been at the heart of many conflicts, and has given rise to cultural phenomena that survive to this day. If you want to fully experience the French Quarter, the Garden District, the unique cemeteries, the classic Antebellum architecture and the spirits that rule the night, then a walking tour is your best bet.

Riverboat Cruises

Want to cruise the great Mississippi River on a paddlewheel-propelled river boat and feel like southern royalty? Let me get you on a jazz cruise where you dine on Creole specialties and traverse America's most storied waterway!

Plantation Cruises

Did I mention that New Orleans is rich in history, tradition, and architecture? Take a plantation tour to see some of the most breathtaking Antebellum estates in existence!

If there's fun to be had in the city of New Orleans, I can make it happen.

Call me at (504) 484-9680 and I will put my New Orleans tour booking skills to the test so that you never want to leave!

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